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Aquarium Home

Our design team working along with our engineers can design and install any size and shape of salt and fresh water aquariums up to 5,000 gallons. We have a variety of stock designs to choose from or we can custom design and engineer as well as manufacture your own dream aquarium, which will make your own aquarium idea a reality. Our company will supply you with everything need to obtain a healthy environment for your aquatic species.

Aquarium Home can supply you with everything from artificial reefs, corals and aquarium inserts to name a few. We can also supply life support equipment, electronic monitors and water chemicals to ensure your aquatic species stay healthy and have a thriving ecosystem . We will also design and manufacture unique custom made furniture and cabinets to match your individual interior d├ęcor style. We can assemble and set up reefs and corals of certain habitats depending on the fish and plants of your choice. Inserts with Aquascape for salt and freshwater water aquariums are also available.